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the Hawaii Pest Control Association!

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The Hawaii Pest Control Association (HPCA) is the principle advocate and leadership organization for the pest control industry in Hawaii. We encourage the highest quality education, communication and representation to promote our industry and the public good.

The Hawaii Pest Control Association was established in 1983 to facilitate pest control in the State of Hawaii. Since it’s establishment, the HPCA has adhered to this mission with it’s policies and guidelines applied to all pest control personnel within the Association.

Although membership is voluntary, almost 98% of all pest control operators in the state are members.

With the HPCA’s commitment to education, you are almost 100% assured of dealing with competent, up-to-date operators. We hope that when you consider your decision on eliminating pests from your home, company, or other facility that you take a look at the numbers of the HPCA, and they will assist you in your decision.